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A Sustainable Purpose

The electric power sector — generation, transmission, distribution, storage, dynamic management, consumption of electricity — is undergoing fundamental transformation.

Achieving net zero emissions requires a much more carbon efficient electric power system, increasingly supplied by renewable energy.


The Problem

Legacy grid systems cannot support the energy transition

Electricity grids, designed for centralised generation, struggle to reliably accommodate de-centralised generation, EV charging  and electrification of heat.

Sparse, inaccurate legacy grid systems cannot:

  • Support transformation of the electric power sector,

  • Maintain reliability, 

  • Meet regulatory mandates, and 

  • Achieve net-zero.

Inefficiencies, constraints, and unplanned outages cost the sector £ billions every year.
Existing power grid monitoring technologies are unable to provide the precision and timeliness required to effectively manage and support increased adoption of renewable energy."

National Grid System Monitoring Investment Decision Pack 2019

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