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Neuville Grid Data™ is developing power grid digital infrastructure. Collecting high-resolution, high-accuracy, time-synchronised electrical measurements using patented hardware and data handling. Extracting valuable insights using proprietary artificial intelligence machine learning capabilities or third-party software tools.

Neuville’s innovative technology delivers high-scrutiny electrical condition monitoring for power grids, battery storage, electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations, electrolysis hydrogen production, and renewable energy generation.

Insight driven optimisation of inverter based electrical assets like solar and wind farms is enabled: increasing productivity, reducing running costs, de-risking projects, and avoiding costly unplanned outages.

At the transmission & distribution level, we enable the management of electrical systems at an unprecedented level of detail, clarity, efficiency, and sophistication. Informing network operations, condition based maintainance, digital twins, investment planning, electrical fault finding and diagnoistics. Providing high-fidelity grid frequency local area measurement services.

Providing the technology and analytical platform needed to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon future with breakthrough capabilities.


15 July 2022 – Our latest ML work on Detecting Power Grid Frequency Events μPMU Voltage Phasor Data Using Machine Learning will be presented at the IET Renewable Power Generation Conference in September 2022.

10 May 2022 – Biljana Stojkovska PhD CEng FIET has joined the Neuville team as a technical advisor.  Previously at National Grid ESO working on electricity transmission innovation they are now a Renewable Energy Innovation Leader at bp.  She is an experienced power system engineer with strong technical, business and commercial acumen in network planning, operation and energy market services.

22 Apr 2022 – (London) Bright Renewables has engaged Neuville to do some solar PV farm unplanned outage risk modeling.  Their managing director wants to understand their worst-case risk exposure and what prudent steps they can take to mitigate the financial risk from unexpected equipment failure.

08 Apr 2022 London South Bank University’s School of Engineering and its new Innovation Centre has recently partnered with Neuville, co-funding a 3-year post-doctoral research fellow position undertaking a research and enterprise investigations of machine learning analysis of electrical data.

03 Mar 2022 – With support from Neuville, our research partners at London South Bank University, Frederick University, and Queen Mary University of London, have published a new paper in the journal Energies entitled, “Performance Analysis and Benchmarking of PLL-Driven Phasor Measurement Units for Renewable Energy Systems.”  The paper investigates the use of a phase-locked loop (PLL)-based algorithms for Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) to accurately determine magnitude, phase, and frequency in a three-phase electrical system.

28 Jan 2022 – Neuville’s managing director Clarke Simmons took part in the Energy Networks Association (ENA) Innovation Strategies Workshop 2022 with a particular interest in the data and digitalisation work group.

17 Jan 2022 – Final report published by the Energy Digitalisation Taskforce led by Chair Laura Sandys CBE with the support of the Energy Systems Catapult (ESC), BEIS, Innovate UK and Ofgem.  Neuville’s Clarke Simmons was a contributing member of the taskforce.  This government-industry-community taskforce built upon the prior work of the Energy Data Taskforce that Clarke also contributed to.

23 Dec 2021 – (London) Bluefield Solar has engaged Neuville Grid Data and their partner Doble Engineering to conduct a transformer fleet health assessment. Bluefield wants to apply the latest methods of assessing and monitoring electrical transformer health. Key aims include avoiding premature failures, ensuring reliable site operations, and optimising/enhancing the delivery of solar energy.

18 Dec 2021 – (London) Neuville Grid Data has won another contract to provide its high-scrutiny condition monitoring services to a small 1.0 MWpdc solar farm near London.  What makes this project special is at client, request Neuville will be leading efforts to increase its solar capacity, add energy storage, enable microgrid capabilities, introduce some wind power, and possibly incorporate EV charging nearby.  Making it a full scope demonstration of Neuville’s capabilities.

01 Nov 2021 – Analogue-to-Digital expert Sebastian Szczupak BSc MSc has joined Neuville as a Senior Electronics Engineer.  He was formerly with Ocado doing robot development and before that Oxford Instruments.


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