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Neuville Grid Data™ is developing ground-breaking, high-resolution, Big Data, grid power monitoring networks that collect electrical measurements using innovative instrumentation featuring newly devised micro-synchrophasors (µPMU), power quality monitors, and sub-100 nanosecond synchronised timing.

Resulting capability can scrutinize the behaviour of electricity networks and condition monitor equipment at a level of detail, clarity, and sophistication never achieved before.

Innovative Step-Change Improvement, Disruptive Potential, Low-Cost.


23 Dec 2021 – (London) Bluefield Solar has engaged Neuville Grid Data and their partner Doble Engineering to conduct a transformer fleet health assessment. Bluefield wants to apply the latest methods of assessing and monitoring electrical transformer health. Key aims include avoiding premature failures, ensuring reliable site operations, and optimising/enhancing the delivery of solar energy.

18 Dec 2021 – (London) Neuville Grid Data has won another contract to provide its high-scrutiny condition monitoring services to a small 1.0 MWpdc solar farm near London.  What makes this project special is at client, request Neuville will be leading efforts to increase its solar capacity, add energy storage, enable microgrid capabilities, introduce some wind power, and possibly incorporate EV charging nearby.  Making it a full scope demonstration of Neuville’s capabilities.

01 Nov 2021 – Analogue-to-Digital expert Sebastian Szczupak BSc MSc has joined Neuville as a Senior Electronics Engineer.  He was formerly with Ocado doing robot development and before that Oxford Instruments.

15 Oct 2021 – James Wylie PhD has joined the Neuville team as an Electrical Power Systems Engineer.  Formerly with EirGrid and Siemens, his Imperial College London dissertation was on high-voltage power converters.

08 Sep 2021 – (Rotterdam) Neuville has advanced to be one of 5 finalists in the scale-up track of Shell’s New Energy Challenge. We are excited by the possibility of helping Shell’s Renewables and Energy Solutions business unit enhance their asset performance with our innovative condition monitoring technology.

26 Aug 2021 – A Neuville research article on “Solar farm voltage anomaly detection using high-resolution μPMU data-driven unsupervised machine learning” has just been published in the prominent journal Applied Energy.


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