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Neuville Grid Data™ is developing ground-breaking, high-resolution, Big Data, grid power monitoring networks that collect electrical measurements using innovative instrumentation featuring newly devised micro-synchrophasors (µPMU), power quality monitors, and sub-100 nanosecond timing plus a groundbreaking advance in time-series data management..

Resulting capability can scrutinize the behaviour of electricity networks and condition monitor equipment at a level of detail, clarity, and sophistication never achieved before.

Innovative Step-Change Improvement, Disruptive Potential, Low-Cost.

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02 September 2019 – For its series SME Stories, the Energy Systems Catapult interviewed Neuville’s founder Clarke Simmons.  See the story here.


01 July 2019 — Neuville Grid Data to enhance the performance of eight large UK solar farms

Neuville has signed contracts deploy Neuville Grid Data Units (GDU) on eight solar farms across England that are managed by Armstrong Energy.  An increase of three mores sites to those announced in January.  The GDUs will enable the performance enhancement of these solar farms through innovative, high-resolution electrical condition monitoring.

The high-quality data Neuville supplies Armstrong’s technical operations team should enable performance enhancements that increase net power generation up to 3%, reduce O&M costs 1-3%, avoid costly unscheduled outages, and generally improves EBIT bottom-line profits plus extend the asset’s economic operating life 1-2 years.

Digitalization’s uplifting effects on solar power generation include: high-resolution remote condition monitoring, cost-saving condition based predictive maintenance, operational tuning, pre-fault outage avoidance, technical loss mitigation, etc.

Installations on the following UK pilot sites totalling 31.8 MWac are now undergoing Engineering, Procurement, and Commissioning (EPC) activities. Equipment fitting and system commissioning will start in the latter half of 2019.  These utility-scale solar photovoltaic power generation sites feature both large central inverters and string inverters.

Langford Solar Farm, Bedfordshire 13.2 MWac
Kenninghall Solar Farm, Norfolk 8.0 MWac
Pond Farm Solar Farm, Norfolk 3.6 MWac
King’s Lynn, Norfolk 1.4 MWac
Wroxton Solar Farm, Oxfordshire 1.8 MWac
Taunton Racecourse, Oxfordshire 1.7 MWac
Fen Road Solar Farm, Lincolnshire 1.4 MWac
Briddlesford Lodge Farm, Isle of Wight 0.6 MWac

Four more solar farms under Armstrong Energy’s management may be added pending agreement with the asset owner.  Discussions are underway with other UK, French, and Irish solar farm managers.


28 April 2018 — As a recognized Innovator, Neuville Grid Data has invited to join the UK’s Solar Trade Association (STA).  Neuville’s Managing Director Clarke Simmons remarked, “We are honoured to become an STA member.  Being part of STA will help us improve and deliver our solar farm enhancement services.”

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