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Our Approach

Neuville is developing a holistic industrial-grade digital solution to scrutinise the behaviour of electric power grids and associated equipment at a level of detail, clarity, and sophistication never achieved before.


The resulting capability has the unique potential to improve electric power network stability and efficiency, helping to reduce the carbon emissions driving climate change.

Unlocking insights with better data 

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it


Our award winning ML work in this area has been published in the prominent peer-reviewed journal Applied Energy and has been the subject of conference presentation.

Our data science team's work on "Detecting Power Grid Frequency Events μPMU Voltage Phasor Data Using Machine Learning" was presented at the IET Renewable Power Generation Conference in September 2022.



UK patent GB2579156 Methods and apparatus for the sensing, collecting, transmission, storage, and dissemination of high-resolution power grid electrical measurement data. Granted. 

UK patent GB2599698 High-resolution electrical measurement data processing. Granted.

More patents pending.

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