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High resolution, Big-Data, will unlock powerful insight from the grid



The conceptual, technical and organisational development of Neuville Grid Data™ started in mid-2016 with an observation. Something increasingly needed was lacking in the electric power sector: high-quality, common reference electrical measurement data on power grid operations.


The observation grew out of prior work Neuville’s founder, Clarke Simmons, did on energy storage. Solar developers need irradiance data to inform site location and design. Wind developers need wind data for the same reasons. But what about energy storage systems?


The granular data needed to best inform the physical deployment of energy storage systems in terms of topology and geography, and then optimally enable the orchestrated dispatch of a stack of grid services or arbitrage opportunities, was largely absent in the marketplace. 

Meet the Team

Neuville has assembled an experienced and diverse team to lead our early development and growth. We are always on the look-out for top talent.

Advisory Board

Neuville Grid Data has the benefit of fantastic subject matter advice from leading domain experts.

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